Angela’s Corner: Pink Friday

For several blog posts, I have talked about how I have attempted to support my sister from afar.  There are two mountain passes I would need to travel over during the winter months and unfortunately that left me at home more often than I would like.  My sister completely understood, and I’m sure she was disappointed, but nonetheless she knew I would be there if the circumstances were different.

I found out all of Erica’s chemotherapy appointments would be held on Fridays.  This allowed her to work Mondays through Thursdays and still coach when track season came around.  She would have the whole weekend to recover from the effects of chemotherapy before heading into work again on Monday.

I often communicate wit10255000_331349993685519_5821791281007343511_nh family and friends via Facebook.  It seems to be the easiest and quickest way to let others know what is going on.  Unfortunately, it also takes away the personal nature of informing those who would rather hear by a phone call.  However impersonal it may be, I was able to let everyone know by a quick post that it was chemo day and to keep Erica in their thoughts and prayers.  I often suggested they wear something pink in support of Erica.  It was a way we all could send good vibes her way every time we saw our pink item that day.  Very quickly, I dubbed it to be Pink Friday.

It’s amazing at the support Erica received on her Pink Friday chemo days.  People near and far wore something pink to honor not only my sister, but someone they love that has fought breast cancer as well.  Declaring Pink Friday on our Sisters Beating Breast Cancer page allowed us to reach a wider audience.  Many women that followed our page were also in the middle of their treatments.  We were honored to be their support system.

We have carried Pink Friday beyond my sister’s chemotherapy treatments.  We use it for giving “shout outs” to those who need the extra support.  We use it for others to be prayed for, thought of, and loved.  Wearing something pink, no matter how big or small, is an easy way to remind you that there are so many women and men seeking treatments for breast cancer.  It’s also a way that I remind myself of what I have gone through, what my sister, mom, and grandma have been through.  Without the support of family and friends, I know the road to health would have been more difficult for all of us to travel.

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