Angela’s Corner: Pink What?

IMG_1231Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer I have been trying to step outside of my comfort zone to try something new.  It’s a lot harder to be bold and daring than I thought it would be.  In my mind, I’m this person that wants to have fun, who’s willing to jump into a pool with her clothes on.  Then my subconscious takes over saying, “Why would you do that?  You don’t have spare clothes with you.”  I’m learning to just act before that subconscious comes at me.

Back in April while fundraising for cancer research, I threw out this lofty goal to my family and friends.  If I raised so much money, I was going to color my hair pink.  One of my amazingly generous friends, and a fantastic hair stylist, offered her services to me.  With the backing of Sara, I went full force in fundraising.  Unfortunately, I never reached that goal I set, but Sara and I agreed to color my hair anyway.  This was something that definitely was way out of my comfort zone.  I’m not brave enough to “go pink” just because.

With a little time between that decision and now, I finally decided to bite the bullet.  It was now or never.  Once I had the appointment set, I knew I could still turn back.  However, I wasn’t about to give in.  I purposely set the appointment to coincide with October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.  If I was going to do something so drastic I still needed a reason in my mind.

I experienced a number of jitters the morning my appointment came around.  What happens if I don’t like it?  How messed up will my hair be after such a strong color is put in?  I started to talk myself down.  Sara is fantastic at what she does.  She has this amazing ability to make everyone look good.  She would not fumble this hair style.  I have 100% faith in her.

After showing Sara a few pictures I like, I told her that the final decision would be hers.  I’m not a stylist; this was not my expertise.  Whatever she did, I knew it would be beautiful.  Guess what?  It was!  I cannot believe how my hair turned out.  It looked absolutely wonderful, but then again, deep down I knew it would.

For the first part of October, I was not only sporting pink hair, but I became a walking billboard for breast cancer awareness.  I am proud to be a survivor.  Proud to be two-years cancer free.  Proud to be in the company of some truly amazing women.  For all of us breast cancer survivors, I’m wearing pink for you!

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