Angela’s Corner: Rock Out

Lately when an opportunity arrives on my desk, I often say enthusiastically, “Yes!”  A few weeks ago I had the privilege in helping start, what I believe to be, an amazing campaign – Rock Out With Your Bra Out.  The money raised will help fund mammograms for at risk women, help women receive needed breast cancer treatments, and help fund important breast cancer research.

I headed to Seattle to assist in anything I was needed for with this campaign.  It is my face and voice that has been lent to the project.  I’ll be honest with you, seeing and hearing myself on video is terrifying.  I was completely out of my element.  However, I know the significance and the importance of not only fighting cancer, but bringing awareness to the fact that 1 in 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

What does one do to Rock Out?  It’s simple!  Wear a bra on the outside of your clothes (male or female, it doesn’t matter), donate some money to help the 1 in 8 (mammograms, treatments, and research), post a video or picture of you rocking out, and challenge three people to do the same.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

My family and I are huge supporters of those fighting cancer.  Together, as a family, we wanted to start the campaign off right.  Take a look at our silly video and all the cuteness of my husband and daughter – my two biggest supporters.

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