Angela’s Corner: Scar Stories

IMGP9996_edited-1“Scars are tattoos with better stories.”  ~Anonymous

Over a weekend stay in a hotel, my daughter and I had issues gaining entrance into our room one morning.  We sat down in front of the door as we waited for maintenance to arrive.  Since I have been thinking of another tattoo, one that symbolizes strength and all that I have had to overcome, my daughter and I were perusing an online database involving tattoo photos.  I came across a scar-covering tattoo and showed it to Emma.  The response was inspiring.

My daughter, as I have been told, has an old soul.  She amazes me with her words of wisdom a typical eight-year-old would not think of.  She has been tuned in to cancer since a young age, and often I feel because of that, she knows more than I do.

As my daughter and I sat in front of our hotel room, her words of wisdom hit me hard.  “Mom,” she said, “you don’t need to cover up your scars.”  I never really thought about covering my scars, but Emma’s reasoning was heart felt.  “It reminds me of what you, Nana, Great-Nana, and Auntie all went through.  It tells me that we are strong women.  It gives me hope that I can survive breast cancer if I ever get it.  Please don’t cover it up.”

Seriously?!  This girl of mine shocked me and humbled me at the same time.  I was surprised at her openness and her insights into something I wish she would not have to think about.  Yet I sat there, proud of the young lady my daughter is becoming.  Her thoughts, very similar to mine, were that those scars show strength.  They tell a story and we shouldn’t cover up those stories.  Those stories make us who we are today.

Many women often look at their scars as reminders of the pain they endured.  Many do not enjoy the daily reminders.  Many do not like to see the scars that could be considered ugly.  I look at my scars differently.  My scars remind me of what I went through, but I see them as part of my story.  It’s the story that I sit down to tell you each time I write my blog.  It’s the stories that helped to develop the person I am.  It’s what continues to drive me to find a cure – so that one day my daughter does not have to see these scars on her own body.

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