Angela’s Corner: Sisters Beating Breast Cancer

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As I was going through my breast cancer journey, my sister, Erica, was there from the start. She attended my mastectomy and plastic surgery consultation appointments in Seattle. She was there for me during my multiple surgeries. She was my caregiver the week I spent at her house recuperating from surgery before traveling over two mountain passes home. She was there when I heard there was a surprise cancer. She was my strength, my courage, and often times my sense of humor when I needed her to be. I could not imagine not having my sister by my side during those times.

When Erica called me a year to the month of my mastectomies telling me she had some news, I knew what was coming. She was diagnosed with lobular pre-cancer and was in the process of planning her mastectomies as she felt her breast were “ticking time bombs.” My sister knew I would be there for her, just as she was for me. Our sisterly bond was just getting stronger by our experiences.

I spent over a week being my sister’s caregiver. Shortly after I said my good-byes, we heard the surprise news of her having two stage 2 tumors with numerous lymph nodes involved, putting her at stage 3 cancer. Upon hearing this final diagnosis, I knew I needed to be there for her. Trips for her chemotherapy treatments and weekend trips to clean her house were in the plans, but winter would hit the mountain passes, keeping me home. I decided to call my cousin, who had set up a Facebook page for me during my cancer treatments. Since it was no longer being used, I asked if I could take it over. She gladly relinquished control. This was going to be a whole new way to show support for my sister.

With intentions to inform our family and friends with the latest up-to-date information, my sister and I quickly realized that this Facebook page could be more. This could be a way to educate others on the importance of cancer screening, early prevention, and healthy living. It could be a support system for not only Erica, but others that needed it as well. We wanted to motivate those that needed motivation, inspire those who needed to keep fighting, and share our personal story.

Sisters Beating Breast Cancer was born. We are not only true sisters beating breast cancer, but part of the whole breast cancer sisterhood.

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