Angela’s Corner: The Start of Chemo

This past weekend brought a tremendous high for our family.  Erica, my sister, is one year out from her surgery that removed her cancerous lymph nodes.  As a family, we’re considering her to be one year cancer free.  A triumph we are more than happy to celebrate.

The news of her success reminded me about her first chemotherapy appointment.  I cannot explain in too many words how hard it was for me to miss her appointments.  I just know that I was missing something – an empty feeling in my heart.  There was somewhere I needed to be, but I was unable to be there due to other obligations.  I made sure I was there for her in other ways though, like sending her a chemo bag to take along on her treatments.  Facebook was one of my first stops that day.  I asked all my Prayer Warriors to keep Erica in their thoughts and prayers.  It was a long journey she was embarking on, and I knew without a doubt that those prayers would wrap her up in love and help see her through the treatment process.  The power of prayer is more powerful than I alone could be.


I found myself on the phone much more than I was focused on my work.  I found it very difficult to keep my mind off of her treatments.  We had numerous texts back and forth that morning.  Many were completely humorous in nature, such as what we would tattoo on our bodies to remind us of this experience we wish upon no one.

If there was anything I could do, it was to bring light and laughter into a dark situation.  Thankfully, chemo did not take more than an hour or two, especially when she was expecting to spend the whole morning (plus an extra hour or two) there.  I was more than happy to bring the entertainment factor into her appointment.  However, I heard I didn’t have to try too hard.  The other chemo patients and their entourage brought some great entertainment value as well.

Most importantly, this memory reminds me that no matter our distance apart, we are there for each other.  We are always a phone call, a text, or a Facebook message away.  Sisters until the end!

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