Angela’s Corner: To Tattoo or Not

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601194_482556291761032_1574445928_nI have seen some amazing pieces of art through my lifetime.  Many have hung in art galleries while others are worn on a daily basis.  I have often been in awe of those hanging in the galleries.  The amount of time and skill it takes to paint a portrait or landscape shocks me every time.  The details that are put into a sculpture could be seen as extremely accurate.  Or you have those abstract pieces that take a lot of imagination and creativity.  The same could be said for the art that a person wears on their body.  It’s still art, just a different canvas and medium.

People are expressing their love for art more often.  My sister was the first of our family to get a tattoo on a trip to Vegas.  It’s a gorgeous tattoo and I enjoy looking at is as well.  She took all the courage she had to do that in her twenties.  I admire her bravery, but I just couldn’t bring myself to be willing to do such a drastic thing.

There is a lot of worry for me that go into a tattoo.  How painful will it be sticking a needle in your skin for hours on end?  What happens if I don’t like it or the tattoo artist was not as skilled as I thought they would be?  This would be on my body for life.  Could I stand to see it on a daily basis?  Oh the worry I put myself through!

My husband read once that if you are considering a tattoo, sit on the idea for six months.  If you still like the idea then it was meant for you.  When I was first diagnosed, I tossed the idea of a breast cancer tattoo around.  I knew what I wanted to tattoo and had a general idea of where.  I just needed to sit on it.  A year finally passed by and I still wanted that tattoo.  I knew it was meant to be; however, my nerves were getting in my way.

It wasn’t until my sister received her diagnosis that I became determined it was time to step up to the plate.  I was ready!  Still nervous, but ready.  I was ready to recognize the sacrifice I went through with my diagnosis. I was ready to honor those that I love that made the same sacrifice.  I was ready to bring on the courage I needed to take that step.  I was ready!

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