Angela’s Corner: Wishing

2013 06 06_Sage Hills Trail_9962_edited-1Driving to work at a different time today allowed me the opportunity to hear a radio segment I would not have heard otherwise.  This segment interviewed a 17-year-old that had the honor of participating in a Make-a-Wish dream come true.  The boy is fighting a type of lung disease and always wanted to be a pirate.  His dream came true just a couple years ago.  He continues living that dream ever since.

While his grandmother was being interviewed, she said something that resonated in my soul.  “Never give up on a wish; it’s never impossible.”  I may have wished for a pony when I was between the ages of three and five, yet I didn’t give up.  My desire just changed as my views on life changed.  I wanted different things.  I still desire to one day own a horse, but it will not be the end of the world for me if it never happens.

Dreaming, desiring, and hoping are emotions that help us through our toughest times.  If I didn’t have a desire to see my daughter grow up into an even more beautiful woman, then my cancer outcome may have been different.  I learned years ago that those dreams help us move past the expiration date that may be upon us.  My grandfather had his first heart attack while my dad was in grade school.  He was told he had only six months to live.  Because my grandfather was so strong-willed, he beat that date.  In fact, he blew it out of the water by living for twenty more years.  The reason?  He dreamt of meeting every single one of his grandbabies.  Unfortunately, many heart attacks later, including open-heart surgery the day my brother was born, his heart finally had enough and he left this world.  However, he lived his dream.  He cherished the nine grandchildren he had and made an impact on each of our lives.

That will and desire my grandfather possessed continues to live on in me.  My cancer diagnosis has shown me that I want to live.  I want to see my daughter graduate from high school, to get married, and to provide me with some grandbabies of my own.  I want to travel.  I want to see an end to cancer.  All of these wants, desires, and hopes helps me to see through the troubled times.  I can’t give up!

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