Angela’s Corner: Your Support System

In all aspects of life, we need to have a great support system.  We may need support to help lose the extra weight left over from pregnancy (even if it was 10 years ago), to exercise, or to help us through a difficult time in our lives.  For me, there are a few close family and friends I know I can always count on.  They are the ones that when something arises, they say, “This is what I am doing for you,” without any asking on my part.  Those friends and family are the support a girl needs.

I cannot begin to explain the importance of such an amazing group of people standing behind you and the roles they play in your life.  But, I’m going to try my best.


First, you have your immediate family.  Your family is there to love you as best they can.  There is no way they would want to let you fight this alone.  Being diagnosed with cancer is not only scary for you, but for those closest to you as well.  We need to keep in mind their fragile state.  It’s not a focus, but sometimes they need some extra support themselves.

Next, you have the friends who are more like family.  They are the ones that want to help, and will at times put something on hold to assist you.  They are the ones that will drop everything to be by your side.  They are the ones that will easily come into your life telling you that you matter.  They are the ones that will hold your hand day in and day out.  These are the friends that are just simply good for your soul.

You then have those friends that have a hard time figuring out what to do for you.  It’s not that they do not care; it’s more that they have no idea what to do.  These friends have every good intention and should not be dismissed.  They absolutely love and care for you too, they just don’t know what they should do – maybe because they have never been so closely touched by cancer.

Everyone responds differently when someone is diagnosed with cancer.  They may be the “in your face” friend that won’t let you fight this alone, or the family member who is too scared for you that they back away and become hermits.  My words of wisdom for each of you are to accept each other in their coping mechanisms.  Let those family and friends help, let those back away when they have to.  In my experience, they’ll still be there when you come through this thing called cancer.

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