I Love How Powerful And Confident This Survivor Looks!

Aniela knew she had the BRCA1 gene mutation, and she knew the devastating toll the mutation had; she had lost her mother to ovarian cancer in July of 2013. While she regularly got mammograms every six months, she realized that that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to get a preventative double mastectomy.

But three days before her appointment to schedule that surgery, she was told she had breast cancer.

In her YouTube series “My Breast Choice,” Aniela vlogs about her experiences. She decided to do a photo shoot series of herself that spanned from pre-mastectomy to post-mastectomy.

“Before removing my breasts I wanted photographic evidence of what they looked like, but I didn’t want mug shots of attempted murders. I wanted a photo that captured how I felt… I wanted to change the images that women saw of mastectomies. No more Before and After photos. I wanted them to see the Evolution, the Life, and the HUMOR in this dark situation.”

See the photos in this video!

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