Model Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Armpit Hair On Social Media

It’s no secret that most models shave, wax, or otherwise remove their body hair. Armpit hair and leg hair aren’t the social norms in the United States like they are in other places.

Model Ashley Graham is the occasional exception to that though, and people have a lot to say about her body hair!

In an Instagram photo, Graham showed off some subtle armpit hair that sparked quiet a bit of conversation.

Some people in the comments said it’s beautiful that she’s showing off her true self and not letting beauty norms define her lifestyle, while others said it’s “disgusting” and she should shave ASAP or take the photo down.

Graham isn’t against shaving or waxing; in fact, she ended up partnering with the brand Flamingo to create her own razor and wax line!

According to Flamingo, Graham said, “My philosophy has always been: shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want — do what works for you.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Graham shared about her collaboration on Instagram, writing: “Remember when I didn’t shave my armpits during quarantine and people threw a fit over it? Well guess what?! I made my own RAZOR.”

She added in the post: “I teamed up with @meetflamingo on a LIMITED EDITION collection of body care for the summer. I personally use my Flamingo razor when I decide to shave my armpits, keep my bikini line in tact, or (when I’m feeling extra fancy) and want to shave my legs. I [love] that no matter if you shave or wax (or let your hair grow every now and then), they have OPTIONS.”

The razors are available on the Flamingo website and at Target!

It’s nice to see a public figure using their platform to promote body positivity.

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