Reddit Asks, “What Does Everyone Do But Won’t Admit?”

Everyone’s got their own secrets.

No matter how strange it is, there’s bound to be someone else who shares the same thing you’re afraid to admit though.

Some guilty pleasures are innocent things like a song you like to listen to but are too “ashamed” to admit that you enjoy, or watching a TV show that’s popular for being cringy. It’s not like you’re the only person who enjoys one thing and everybody else hates it, it’s just that people don’t openly admit that they do the same thing as you.

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So now Reddit asks, “What does everyone do but won’t admit?”

Sing– Try to, at least.

“When I’m alone, I be hitting those high notes even though I sound like a dying walrus.”

Mood. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I can sing relatively well, but I can never attempt to hit those high notes when I’m singing in front of my friends. Those are reserved for the shower concerts I have in my bathroom. I feel safe if I fail to hit the notes and those around me are safe from damaging their eardrums.

Give or ask for advice.

It’s easy to give advice to people. Following a piece of advice, whether given or asked, is not easy.

You know when something is valid advice – like it’s logically a thing that makes sense and you should do it, but lots of people fall short when it comes to executing it. It’s not easy, really. People just ask for advice to get a second opinion sometimes, for example. They don’t intend to follow it, since they’re already set on doing something their own way, but they ask for the sake of asking. Which is infuriating for some.

Ruminate on conversations.

“Rehash conversations or plan future ones with people who aren’t there.”

Another version of this would be that famous one where people replay arguments over and over again while they think about better comebacks so they could win that past argument.

Another user mentioned that there’s something called “maladaptive daydreaming,” which is a behavior where people daydream excessively and is said to be a coping mechanism for people who have anxiety.


I plead guilty! You can be a saint on the outside, but there’s occasionally a dash of evil inside. Whether it stems from insecurity or maybe you’re just having a bad day, no one can escape being judgemental every once in a while.

“We all do it. It’s about being intelligent enough to not let that cloud our perspective,” one Redditor said.

While another Redditor provided another perspective that being judgmental doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. I mean, we judge people and check to see if they’re good company, for example. “Sometimes it’s okay and even good to judge. Sometimes people are bad for you to be around, and that’s important to recognize,” they said.

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If you’re not guilty of the answers above and would like to read more answers, read the original post below.

What does everyone do but won’t admit?
by u/MrTuxedo1 in AskReddit

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