#AskHerMore: A Stand Was Taken at the 87th Academy Awards, and 25 Million People Were Reached

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“Who are you wearing?”

If you’re at all familiar with awards season and the red carpet frenzy that inevitably accompanies it, you’re probably used to hearing reporters ask your favorite female celebs this question. What you may still be getting used to is having women say, “Ask me more.”

 At the 87th Academy Awards, women took a stand, and their voices were heard — not just on camera, but across the Internet. #AskHerMore was founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom (American filmmaker and advocate for Women’s Rights) two years ago. The movement asks the media to celebrate women for more than their youth, physical beauty, and sexuality. It asks that more than the dress be taken into consideration. Instead, they wanted to be asked questions like this:

Which would be answered with honesty and eloquence, just like in this video:

Reese Witherspoon was one of several women that helped propel the #AskHerMore movement to over 25 million impressions…

On the red carpet of a different awards ceremony, actress Diane Kruger said she’d love to be asked more questions about her work than her outfit:

“Who are you wearing?” is only one question. Are there any other questions that should be axed?

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