Redditors Who Have Actually Won A “Lifetime” Supply Of Something Answer One Important Question

Getting to win anything is an incredible experience.

Winning the lottery? That’s life-changing. Winning money from a contest and then donating it to people in need? That’s fulfilling.

Not every winning is monetary though. Most contests have sponsors and sometimes they offer a lifetime supply of their products instead of money. I feel like that’s more of a win because you might get more value in the long run, do you know what I’m saying? Money is hard to find, yet it’s super easy to spend it on whatever, and it will eventually run out.

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A lifetime supply, however, implies that you’ll have access to the item as long as you’re alive. Or will you really?

Reddit asks, “Redditors who have actually won a ‘lifetime’ supply of something, what was the supply you won and how long did it actually last?”

Mini Chocolate Milk Cartons

One of the top comments said that they won a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons back in 2007 during milk day at school.

Now I didn’t know that milk day was a thing and that it warranted a raffle event in school, but man is this person lucky! Milk is expensive, so this is definitely a win. This Redditor is still getting milk shipped to them even after 16 years and has understandably grown to hate milk, but at least now their fiancé gets to enjoy their abundant supply of milk.

Amusement Park Pass

Imagine winning an expensive prize for winning a costume contest… One Redditor shared that their friend won a lifelong annual pass to Cedar Point when they joined a costume contest with their parents.

The pass included a bunch of other perks, the Redditor said. If you think about it, the pass itself is expensive, but the winner will still need to pay for overpriced food in the park, so I guess the park is banking on this possibility and the probability that the winner will invite other people to join them when they decided to give out this kind of prize.

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Vet Visits

This is the ultimate prize for any pet parent. This Redditor shared that they won a lifetime of routine checkups for their cat, and that was 18 years ago! The good news? Their cat is still alive today. Could it be a direct result of this vet clinic’s prize?

“The vet clinic has moved and rebranded 4 or 5 times, but they’re still honoring the award,” they said. But they did clarify that it was only the checkups that are free. “Treatments and operations still had to be covered by us.” I guess entirely free, inclusive of everything, vet visits would be too good to be true.

Pet Food

While we’re already talking about pets, another Redditor said that their dad won a lifetime supply of cat food. The problem is that their prize was delivered all at once, and their cats didn’t like the flavor.

Again, it’s a lifetime supply, but it seems like it was only a limited amount, because how can anyone deliver a lifetime supply of anything without knowing the animal’s lifespan? Since their cats didn’t like the food, their family decided to donate all of it to a local animal shelter, and it’s a happy ending after all! No wasted food, but a whole lotta happy kitties for no expense.

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Some of the other comments shared that they only won a year of free stuff, but here’s one that was super wholesome.

Chinese Restaurant Free Voucher

This Redditor shared that their family moved to a new city when they were still a child, and they decided to try a new Chinese restaurant, not knowing that it was their inaugural evening. What was supposed to be a big event didn’t look like one because they said that there weren’t many customers then.

“The owner of the table waited on us himself, and he was very sweet and friendly. Had just immigrated from China recently. He gave my family a free voucher to eat there for free for life since we were one of the few people actually to show up at all that night. (I remember it was a big golden ticket like Willy Wonka.)”

The restaurant closed within a year, and the Redditor shared that their encounter with the owner was special and that he always thinks about how the owner is doing even now. “My family was very poor back then, and we would go there every month, which felt special.”

Probably not a smart business move, but it was able to touch the hearts of these people.

If you want to read more stories about people winning, read the original post below.

Redditors who have actually won a “lifetime” supply of something, what was the supply you won and how long did it actually last?
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