Boy Donates Hair to Aunt with Cancer

10-year-old Breylen Wilson has always had a special bond with his aunt, Jessie Price, whom he refers to as “Aunt Pudding.” So when he found out she had breast cancer, he knew there had to be something he could do to help.

And the answer came soon enough. As Jessie began going through chemotherapy treatments and losing her hair, Breylen realized one of the most important things he could do to help was make sure she got the perfect wig to help her feel normal again. So he began growing his hair out to donate to her.

“It’s important they know you still love them, no matter how hard their disease is or sickness,” Breylen says. “I said ‘Aunt Pudding, I’m going to cut my hair off for you.'”

Photo: 6 ABC
Photo: 6 ABC

At a special bowling fundraiser to raise money specifically for Aunt Pudding’s treatment, Breylen’s family had a hairdresser come in and cut Breylen’s hair. They even prepared a special box to put it in, complete with flower decorations and a big pink laminated note from Breylen to his aunt:

“Aunt Pudding, I hope you enjoy your new hair. It took me two years to get this much hair. I love you so much! —Breylen”

Jessie tenderly held Breylen’s hand through his haircut while everyone else at the event took photos and cheered him on. And Breylen presented one more gift to his beloved aunt, a bracelet that says, “You are strong. You are brave. You’ve got this.”

Photo: 6 ABC
Photo: 6 ABC

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“You have a good heart, Breylen. You know that, right?” Jessie asked her nephew as he got his haircut. “Not a lot of people would do what you’re doing for me.”

“Yes ma’am, I do,” the boy replied quietly.

Photo: 6 ABC
Photo: 6 ABC

“The love that I have for that little kid is just out of this world, to say the least,” says Jessie. “He’s a great kid. There should be more of him.”

Breylen now plans to continue to grow out his hair and cut it off every two years to donate to another cancer patient in need. Check out the video below to see the touching moments between nephew and aunt and to get a look at Breylen’s new haircut.

Is there someone special in your life who would do something amazing like Breylen did for his Aunt Pudding? We’d love to hear about your special bond in the comments!

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