Grandma Raising 6 Kids Alone Starts To Cry After Getting News About Her Rent

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Most septuagenarians look forward to reaping the joys of retirement. But Ms. Ella, a 72-year-old military widow living in Las Vegas, instead struggles to raise 6 young kids by herself.

That’s not to say Ms. Ella doesn’t love her great-grandchildren, only that she could use some help cooking, cleaning, helping them with homework, and running them to and from school. Dealing with six kids is tiring for any parent. Now imagine if your grandma had to do this full time.

Ms. Ella is understandably exhausted most days, but she’d still rather care for her offspring than see the kids enter foster care. Unfortunately, her busy schedule means the elderly woman’s house has fallen into disrepair.

She also can’t afford anything but the basics. She even thought their little brood might have to skip Christmas this year.

When Ms. Ella’s heartbreaking story was featured on YouTube, users were roundly appreciative of this Grandmother’s hustle. “Can you imagine the stress this poor woman is under at that age?” one person wrote.

“Every day she must ask God to keep her alive one more day so that those children don’t have to go to foster care if she dies,” another mused.

Fortunately, a friend, Alice, intervened when she heard that Ms. Ella was considering skipping every kid’s favorite holiday apart from his or her birthday. Alice contacted Fox5 Surprise Squad, which raced over to Ms. Ella’s home with a timely surprise.

Find out what Santa brought Ms. Ella and her grand-kids got for Christmas in the video below!

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