Relative Comes Forward To Adopt Baby Born In Syria Earthquake Rubble

A newborn baby girl that survived the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake earlier this month finally found a family to call her own once she’s released from the hospital.

The baby’s mother gave birth to her amidst the rubble after their apartment building collapsed on top of them. Sadly, the mom didn’t survive and the newborn girl was found hours later, still connected to her deceased mother via the umbilical cord.

Photo: Flickr/EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid License: CC BY-ND 2.0

Neighbors rushed to the baby’s aid and managed to free her from the rubble and drove her to a hospital.

Journalist Pankaj Mishra shared a now-viral Twitter video that captured the incredulous rescue.

In the tweet, Mishra wrote:

“Syria : After the earthquake, a pregnant lady gives birth to a baby under the collapse building. People heard the crying sound, it ws a baby girl. Baby’s placenta was still attached with mother who has passed away. Sadly she was only survivor in family.”

According to AP News, the doctor treating the baby, Dr. Hani Maarouf, said the baby came in covered in bruises but was in stable condition.

He added that they believe the baby’s mom was alive when she gave birth, but likely died shortly after. He also believes the baby was born several hours before being found and likey wouldn’t have survived even an hour longer in the cold rubble.

Photo: Twitter/@nn_pankaj

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the baby girl not only lost her mom during the earthquake but also her four siblings and father as well. Thousands of people showed interest in adopting the miracle child born amidst the rubble, but as it turns out, a distant relative heard about her story and came forward to adopt her.

The baby’s great-uncle on her father’s side, Salah al-Badran, plans to take in the newborn once she is released from the hospital. However, he lost his house and is currently living with his family of 11 in a tent.

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