Manufacturers Announce U.S. Baby Formula Shortage Could Last For Months

The baby formula shortage across the United States has sparked fear in parents that rely on the substance to feed their babies.

No one wants to be caught in a situation where they’re unable to find proper food for their newborn, but that may be a reality parents face.

Despite efforts being made to alleviate the shortage, like Nestle flying in formula from Europe, manufacturers say the shortage could last for months, possibly into next year.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

According to TODAY, the average out-of-stock rate for baby formula is currently at 43%.

While many people have criticized parents for not breastfeeding, it’s not as black-and-white as some people belive. A small percentage of moms can’t breastfeed due to physiological issues, but many others are unable to breastfeed because of needing to work. Others are faced with mental issues associated with breastfeeding, which can worsen symptoms of depression and anxiety.


As per TODAY, some large formula manufacturing companies are reporting the shortage is likely to last for months and possibly into next year.

Some parents have had to get creative to find the specific formula their baby takes, like by searching on eBay or social media for it. Others have had to drive hours before finding a store with some formula in stock.


Congress is expected to take legislative action this week to address the shortage, but as of now, there’s not an end in sight.

Check out the news segment below:

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