Baby Formula Shortage Sparks Concern In Parents Across The Country

For months, parents have been on edge as baby formula has become harder and harder to find in stores across the U.S. A mass formula shortage has resulted in empty shelves and parents struggling to feed their babies.

According to a report from Datasembly, around 30% of formula was out of stock on store shelves in the month of April, but the shortage has been impacting families for even longer.

The shortage comes after a large-scale baby formula recall that affected major brands across the country, combined with other things.


In the report, Datasembly’s CEO and founder, Ben Reich, stated: “Inflation, supply chain shortages and product recalls have brought an unprecedented amount of volatility for baby formula. We expect to continue to see the baby formula category being dramatically affected by these conditions.”

The states most heavily affected by the shortage include Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas.

According to ABC News, many stores are limiting the amount of formula each family can purchase as a result of the shortage.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

One mom shared with Fox News, “When we ran to the local Target one day to get some [formula] just days after she was born, the shelves were completely empty. My heart literally sank.”

While that parent was able to order generic formula online, other parents don’t have that luxury as some babies are limited to specific types of formula.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

Take Shauna Bowman, for example. Her 11-month-old son needs a specific brand of formula due to allergies. Speaking with ABC News, she explained:

“He has a very specific brand, Nutramigen, that he has to have due to allergy and intolerance issues. We have been having to look pretty heavily for it, I would say for the last four or five months. But this last month it’s just become impossible to find.”

Check out the news segment below:

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