‘Bald Ballerina’ Shares Her Story of Battling Breast Cancer

Maggie Kudirka is a 23-year-old ballet dancer with the Joffery Concert Group in New York City. She was also recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on June 19, 2014, causing her to push her ballerina dreams to the side.

Kudirka told NBC's Today show that she will undergo an aggressive treatment to attack her cancer. In the heat of it all, she started a Facebook page called Bald Ballerina that will update not only family and friends but her thousands of followers on the progress of her treatment as well as her overall health.

Young women are rarely diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, less than 5 percent of all diagnoses in the U.S. are in women under 40, the Today show reported. While breast cancer rates are low in younger women, those who do develop the illness have a greater chance of it spreading to bones and other organs.

It's because of this that Kudirka wants the Bald Ballerina Facebook page to help her raise awareness about breast cancer in young women while raising money to help pay for the medical expenses she'll accrue during her treatment.

The Facebook page is helping Kudirka focus on something other than her cancer, and she's becoming more optimistic while sharing her story with the young women who reach out to her.

"That ability to find something positive in this challenging time will enable her to move forward in her cancer experience," Dr. Abby Rosenberg, an oncologist and medical leader of Seattle Children's Hospital's Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program, told the source. 

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