Meet the Bra That Could Improve Your Mastectomy Recovery Experience

When you think of bamboo, you probably imagine a tall green or brown stalk, rigid and unyielding. But bamboo has a softer side too.

As it turns out, bamboo’s fibers can be used to create comfortable and supportive bras that also happen to have some interesting healing powers, due to the antibacterial properties of the plant.

Breast cancer patients who undergo a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other breast surgery are at high risk for infection because of the location of the incision and the fact that many of them have weakened immune systems from the use of chemotherapy. In fact, about 10% of these patients will end up getting an infection after surgery.

Now special bamboo bras are being made for women who have recently undergone mastectomies or other breast surgeries. THEYA Healthcare, the maker of this and other healthcare undergarments, says the seamless and breathable material, thick adjustable straps, wide underband, and front closure, among other characteristics, make this bra perfect for breast cancer patients post-surgery.

The healing properties of the bamboo fibers helps the affected tissue heal more quickly and stops any infection from spreading over the skin, while the plant’s supportive but soft nature helps keep everything in the proper place without the rubbing and chafing of ordinary bras, which generally have more seams and embellishments. The bra even helps control body temperature and curb hot flashes, because it wicks moisture away from the skin.

Unlike most other bras, this undergarment can be worn almost immediately following surgery. So far, patients are rating the bamboo bra as more comfortable than other post-operative undergarments. And that means you can get back to your happy place faster.

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The best part is that the post-surgery bamboo bra is actually pretty reasonably priced, as bras go. It costs just over $50—which is probably not the most you’ve ever paid for a bra. And for one with this many health benefits and this much extra comfort? We think it may be worth a try.

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