Learn How Three Survivors Are Handling Body Image After Surgery In Their Own Ways

After a mastectomy, the choice of whether or not to get reconstruction is an incredibly personal one. Some men and women want to hide their scars from everyone — even loved ones — and others take a different approach. For Sarah, one of the survivors in the following video, showing off her breasts is akin to showing off her leg.

“People look at me and go, it’s – that was something in my past. But for me, I live with this every day… and I will for the rest of my life,” Sarah says. “I have these scars, I have these boobs that aren’t real, so… the body image thing will stay with you. It will, it’s just part of who you are, and it’s kind of the new you.”

Tina and Mark, the other survivors featured in this video, both opted out of reconstruction. “Not having breasts is easy in lots of ways,” Tina says. “You don’t have to wear a bra, you can lie quite comfortably sleeping on your stomach. My son says to me I’m easy to cuddle ’cause he can get his arms right around me.”

Here, these three gutsy survivors briefly share their stories and bare their changed bodies. Take a look!

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