Strangers Look So Much Alike They Take A DNA Test To See If They’re Brothers

They often say that we have a doppelgänger out there who not only looks like us, but hey act like us and perhaps even talk like us. I know that I had somebody that lived in the same town as I did growing up, and they were so much like me, they even fooled my mother-in-law one time.

Sometimes, our doppelgänger may be such a dead ringer for us that we start to wonder if we are more than just brothers from another mother. That is what a couple of minor league baseball pitchers experienced, so they decided to take a DNA test.

Photo: Flickr/GPA Photo Archive License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Not only do they have the same job, but they also look practically identical from their glasses down to their beards. They even have the same name, the same height, and they both had the same elbow surgery performed by the same doctor.

The thing is, 32-year-old Brady Feigl is different than 27-year-old Brady Feigl because they play for different teams. The older plays for the Long Island Ducks, and the younger plays for the Las Vegas Aviators.

It was during their elbow surgery in 2015 that they first learned about each other. The younger of the two told The Clarion Ledger that he was only about six months out of surgery when the doctor’s office called his trainer. They said: “Hey, when’s Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?”

When he told the office they had it six months ago, that was when it began to come together.

It was in 2017 that another issue came up that identified them as being very similar. It happened on Twitter when the University of Mississippi’s baseball team was paying tribute to Feigl on his birthday. It was posted on Twitter, but they tagged the wrong player.

Feigl simply responded: “Wrong Brady Feigl.” He then pointed them in the right direction.

It was getting kind of eerie, so the two decided to take a DNA test.

Strangely enough, nothing showed up on the test that would have connected them with each other, according to The Sun.

The older Feigl still feels that they are brothers in a way, according to what he told The Sun. At least they are brothers from a different mother.

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