Beauty Website Targets Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

It can be challenging for some women diagnosed with breast cancer to continue feeling beautiful as they undergo treatment. CureDiva aims to challenge that by providing comfortable clothing, reconstruction bras and specially formulated beauty products.

According to She Knows, Efrat Roman founded the platform to help breast cancer survivors like herself regain their sense of femininity.

“CureDiva is here to revolutionize the lifestyle of women coping with breast cancer and its after effects,” the CureDiva website states. “It is a stylish feminine environment, uniting a one-stop-shop and community, and offering a holistic answer to all the non-medical needs of 1 out of 8 women in the world.”

Breast cancer patients can head to the site and shop for their needs based on their treatment. There are categories that cover chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and more. Additionally, those who were just diagnosed can sort through CureDiva’s offerings that range from hospital gowns to organizer notebooks.

When not in the mood to shop, you can head to Diva’s Lounge. This forum lets breast cancer patients and survivors converse on various topics. Also, if anyone wants to share a story in hopes of inspiring someone else, CureDiva has an open blogging community for members.

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