#BecauseILived: A Super Bowl Commercial Started the Conversation; We’re Changing It

On Super Bowl Sunday (February 1st, 2015), a conversation about preventable accidents began. What sparked the conversation? A Nationwide Insurance commercial.

In the commercial, a boy is shown riding a bike. The same boy is shown getting kissed on the cheek while riding the bus. He is then shown flying, and sailing, and in a tuxedo, ready to be married. Why is this sequence of events important? Because all the while, the boy is narrating, and he is saying that he’ll never be able to do the things that are being shown. He will never ride a bike. He’ll never get cooties. He’ll never fly, sail, or experience the joy of marriage.


He’ll never do these things because, as he indicates, he is dead. “Because I died in a preventable accident,” he says. And that’s precisely when the conversation began. Media outlets across the United States weighed in on the commercial. Audiences took to Twitter to express their opinions. And here we are, discussing the topic.

But we don’t necessarily want to add to the same conversation; we want to change the conversation. Instead of, “Because I died,” we want to say, “Because I lived.” Why? Too often stories of inspiration are overlooked, stories of driven people who have persisted in order to overcome obstacles. Obstacles, preventable or not, will always be some in our way, but it is how we overcome these obstacles that should be celebrated. That in mind…

From a woman whose spirit has been changed by her battle against breast cancer, to a 4-year-old diabetic boy checking his blood for the first time, the brave people you’re about to encounter on this list have lived, and they have something to show us.


1. Born Deaf, This Woman Is Overjoyed At What She Hears for the First Time

Sarah Churman was born deaf and dreamed her whole life of the moment she would be able to hear. At 29 years old Sarah had hearing implants put in and 6 weeks later they activated them.

This video records the first time she was able to hear.

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