#BecauseILived: A Super Bowl Commercial Started the Conversation; We’re Changing It


2. We Are In This Together

On August 8, 2014 I attended a baseball game. The next morning, I was lying in bed and I noticed something different: I had a lump on my left breast that wasn’t there before. I thought it was probably nothing because I was healthy and felt great. But I ended up getting it checked out, not once thinking it could be Cancer. I had just had a mammogram in June that came back clear! This was less than 2 months later. I went and had an ultrasound done. Finally, after the two ladies were done with the ultrasound they turned on the light and said, “You are showing signs of cancer.”

I had lost two of the most important men in my life to cancer: my Dad in January 2005 and my husband in May 2011. I was a 40-year-old widow who had suffered enough. I thought: Don’t I get some sort of pass? I also thought: There is no way that I have cancer. No way! I moved to Chicago to get away from the painful memories at home and for a fabulous job opportunity. I have an incredible family, and the best girlfriends. But cancer did not fit into my life plan.

I was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma on August 13th . Since the diagnosis, I have been going through multiple doctor visits, MRIs, biopsies, mammograms, cat scans, bone scans, and ultrasounds. I started chemotherapy on October 8th, which is called the “red devil,” and Taxol. I just finished my last chemo on December 31st and will go on to a lumpectomy and radiation.

Through it all, I find that I am filled with gratitude, and treat every day like a gift. What keeps me going is imagining the good times I will have in the future with my family and friends, and I fight for all the other woman battling this disease. We are in this together.

Evey Thallmayer
Chicago, IL

3. Blair Understands the Power of Music

Music can speak to us in such powerful ways. Blair is on the autism spectrum, and when he hears a cover of “Fix You” by Coldplay as he’s walking down the street, he reacts in such a beautiful way! According to his parents, any song by Coldplay puts a smile on his face.

Take a look!

4. Connor Was Just Diagnosed with Diabetes — How Will He Handle It?

Connor was diagnosed with Type I diabetes four days before his parents filmed this video. They walk him through how to check his blood sugar and they let him help every step of the way. He’s so brave. His reaction to pricking his finger is adorable!

See his adorable reaction in the video!

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