I was healthy like every one else, I never thought in my mind I could have cancer. When I was in TX I found a lump which was removed. After that I moved to Florida and a biopsy was done on a second lump which was negative. Between moving and loosing a job, it was hard to find another Dr. since my doctor move to Ohio and they were not doing any exams without a Dr referral. I was so busy and then start noticing that something was wrong in my breast as well as a limp in my walking.
After going through several Doctors the last referral which started to do a lot of testing then confirmed that I have cancer. That news shocked me and I started crying, I was scared since my life changed in a heart beat.
At age 38 I was diagnose Stage IV breast cancer metastatic to the bone ER/PR + HER 2+ . Due to the results I then had a hip replacement, 10 radiation treatments and now my battle has just begun for my breast cancer .
I have to thank God for giving me a wonderful husband that is with me at all times, family and friends have come together and even strangers have gathered around to pray for me. Just believe that God is with you, never loose faith, hope, strength, and always be Positive .
Believe… that you can fight this and that everything is possible…
You are not alone. Do not skip any exam, do your monthly testing religiously, because you never know….

Magda Liz
Bokeelia, FL

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