What Can Cayenne Do For You?

Cayenne pepper has been used for myriad medical conditions by cultures across the world. The Native Americans have been harnessing its health benefits for at least 9,000 years! This unique spice has been gaining recognition again in the US as a remedy for many different things. Whether you drink it or put it in food, this spicy pepper powder can add a lot to any health lifestyle.

Cayenne, also referred to by its plant genus, Capsicum, treats ailments ranging from arthritis to post-mastectomy pain!

Cayenne pepper in a wooden spoon.
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How is cayenne able to do all this? Cayenne contains a chemical called capsaicin which functions by raising one’s body temperature, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow! And once it’s digested it aids in the absorption of other nutrients into the blood stream. Many people like to drink a mixture of hot water, lemon, and cayenne in the morning to boost their metabolism and gain more nutrients from food throughout the day.  Topical creams containing capsaicin are effective at relieving some types of pain.

Remember, it only takes a little bit of cayenne to reap its benefits, so be sure to use it safely. We’re not medical experts, but are huge fans of healthy living. Here are some of the many health benefits of cayenne!

Potential Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

How do you use cayenne?

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