NFL Quarterback Helps Rescue Four Passengers After Helicopter Crashes In The Bay

Four passengers are alive and well after their helicopter crashed into the Hillsborough Bay in Florida, all thanks to an NFL quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert and his two brothers, Tyler and Brett, were jet-skiing in the bay when all of a sudden, they heard a noise nearby.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

The brothers quickly turned around to see what it was, and at first, they thought it was a crew boat that had broken up in the water. Then they saw yellow lifejackets and knew it was something more.

As they got closer, Gabbert realized it was a helicopter that had crashed, and expected the worst.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

It turns out that the people on board were heading to Peter O. Knight Airport when they heard a loud bang before losing power. The pilot was then forced to conduct an emergency landing in the water, 300 feet from the airport’s beach.

Gabbert called 911, and in the meantime, dragged two of the passengers out of the water and onto his jet ski.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Within seconds, the Tampa police department, fire department and Sheriff’s department showed up to help the others. They grabbed the pilot from the water and assisted him onto the police boat.

Gabbert then drove the jet ski back to shore.

Due to his heroic efforts, the Tampa Police Marine Patrol made Gabbert an honorary member.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Watch more of the story below:

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