Blogger Shares Breast Cancer Journey with the Web

Laura Louise Cannon was a typical 22 year old in 2012, enjoying shopping, fashion and life. But in November, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to stay positive and get through the journey, Cannon decided to create a blog sharing her experience with the world.

Cannon had to undergo chemotherapy and have a double mastectomy during her battle with breast cancer, but that didn't keep the upbeat blogger down. Her website features photos of her with and without hair, looking beautiful and strong the whole time. She created practical beauty posts about topics such as how to banish a chemo complexion. She even named her tumor Kenneth and started "operation kick Kenneth out."

"I was determined to make something good out of a bad situation. I really wanted to show that fighting the big C doesn't have to be all doom and gloom," Cannon told U.K. Daily Mail. 

Cannon has since had breast reconstructive surgery and has regrown her hair. She now posts about eating healthy and living life in support of breast cancer awareness. Cannon also writes for Cosmopolitan as a resident blogger. Her journey is proof that though the battle is hard, you can get through it and come out a stronger person.

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