Blood cancer drug may also stop the spread of breast cancer

According to a new study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Florida found that a drug developed to treat blood cancer may also be useful in preventing the spread of breast cancer. This drug, known as Decitabine​, was found to be able to stimulate the production of the protein kinase D1​, which makes cancer cells incapable of separating from a tumor and spreading to other organs. When applied in low doses to animals, the Decitabine was found to be successful in reducing tumor size and blocking the breast cancer's metastasis to the lungs.

The researchers believe that this form of treatment could potentially be more successful than the traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiation because they noticed that most women with aggressive breast cancer have inactive genetic codes for PRKD1. The more aggressive the cancer, the more likely the PRKD1 was silenced. Stimulating the code to create the protein kinase could be the key to effectively battling cancer in the future. According to the research, activating silenced genes is a much easier process than restoring ones that have been mutated by the cancer.

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