Bodybuilder Helps Spread Awareness of Male Breast Cancer

A bodybuilder is helping spread breast cancer awareness. According to WalesOnline, Phil Clarke, a professional weight lifter, was diagnosed with breast cancer last October. The disease affects 400 men in the United Kingdom each year, and Clarke is helping spread the word. He is set to appear in Breast Cancer Care Cymru's fashion show slated to take place in March 2014.

Clarke will be the only male model participating and is helping put a face on male breast cancer because some people aren't aware they are at risk for the disease.

"I had a mixture of reactions when I told people I had breast cancer," Clarke told the source. "Most people were shocked because they thought it was a disease that only affected women. I had a few sarcastic comments, but a lot of messages of support. It made me realize who my friends were."

Clarke is not a stranger to the disease. His mother and aunt were also diagnosed with breast cancer years ago. Because his cancer was caught early, he only needed the lump to be removed and didn't undergo any chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

The Breast Cancer Care organization has upcoming fashion shows in London, Cardiff and Glasgow in 2014.

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