This Artwork Is Jaw-Dropping. What A Fantastic Way To Celebrate Your Body!

Artist Lisa Scholder does something extraordinary with her artwork – she turns breast cancer survivors’ bodies into gorgeous, colorful canvases. “Women generally have body image issues already,” Lisa says. “For breast cancer survivors, it’s triple-fold. Their bodies have gone through so much trauma, and just their awareness of themselves is kind of dissipated.” However, if they could see their bodies painted in vibrant, rich colors, they could see themselves in a whole new light.

One survivor Lisa worked on, Wanda, hadn’t let her husband see her naked in six years. She felt like her surgery had deformed her. The first man to see her with her shirt off since her breast cancer was the photographer who snapped her photo while she was covered in body paint.

Carrie, another survivor, was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer while she was still breastfeeding her 7-month-old daughter. Sharing this part of her journey with her now five-year-old daughter — showing her she still feels beautiful and that she is a survivor — has been a powerful experience for her as well.

Watch the video to see the incredible photos of Lisa’s artwork, and to hear more from these beautiful survivors.

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