A Boy Wrote a Song for His Mom With Breast Cancer…and These Celebrities Helped Him

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Archer Nelson is an 8-year-old boy whose mom is fighting breast cancer. So, perhaps having inherited his dad’s affinity for music (his dad is a radio DJ), he wrote a song called “Boob Spelled Backwards Is Boob.” It’s really catchy, too—I’m telling you, this kid’s going places with his music!

After listeners of the radio station found out about the song, they started to call in to share their stories and to show support of Archer’s mom’s fight against breast cancer. Seeing that there were so many supporters involved, the radio station decided to ask celebrities, who makes frequent visits to the station, to record pieces of the song when they stopped by for promotional purposes. The result was this video and the lyrics is incredible.

One thing’s for sure…this song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

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A. Stout is a Whovian, Potterhead, study abroad alumna, and animal lover. A native to West Michigan, she dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world.
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