Boy Fulfills Promise, Gives Dad Dream Car

When Mike King, known as “Belairboy” on Reddit, was eight years old he told his father that he would give him his dream car, a ’57 Chevy Bel Air, for his 57th birthday. His dad couldn’t believe it when he actually came through.

King bought the Chevy two years before his father’s 57th birthday after “pulling 60 hour work weeks over six days a week for a few months” at his factory job. The car was stored in an unused garage and kept a total secret until his dad’s birthday. His sister caught this video of the big reveal.

The turquoise car was gifted to his dad complete with a pair of black and white die in the window. While it needed a little work, the father and son got the car running and even posted a second video, this time of the dad’s first ride in his newly-restored dream car.

In just two weeks, the tear-jerking original video received 12 million views. According to their YouTube account, the father-son duo plans to post more videos featuring the restoration of the Bel Air and what the experience was like for the video to go viral.

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