9-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral For Reaction To Shoveling Snow

When kids get an unexpected day off from school, many would take it as a win and enjoy their time off. Often these days come in the form of snow days or from power outages, often associated with bad weather.

Despite a cold chill or heavy snow, a day off from school is a day off from school and a lot of kids would cherish it and make the most of it.

But for a 9-year-old boy from Toronto, his snow day turned into a workday and he quickly wished he was back in school.

Snow shovel
Photo: Pixabay/Bru-nO

The young boy was caught by CTV News shoveling snow in a neighborhood, so they stopped to ask him how it was going. His reaction to shoveling snow was priceless!

With a big sigh, he replied that it was “tiring” and he wished he was back in school.

Boy shoveling snow
Photo: Twitter/CTVNews

Many more sighs followed as he shared that he was shoveling snow for his house, the neighbors’ houses, for friends, and even for people he didn’t know.

It was a lot of work that Carter didn’t seem to be enjoying much. Despite not wanting to be working, he carried on with grimmace.

Toronto boy
Photo: Twitter/CTVNews

People seemed to resonate with his interview and found it relatable! He reacted like many of us would be feeling if we had to shovel snow for hours.

Watch the interview below:

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