Robin Was Just 17 When She Found the Lump in Her Breast — See Where She Is Now!

Imagine being 17 and finding a lump in your breast. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Robin in 1991. She was just a teenager, but she already was in a battle for her life that she didn’t know about yet. She then received the dreaded diagnosis — breast cancer.

“Well, there goes my hair,” was the first thing she remembered thinking on that fateful day. She had beautiful waist-length hair that she was definitely not ready to see go just yet.

Robin says she felt entirely detached from the experience; everything about it was foreign, from the foreign substance that had invaded her tissues to the foreign feeling of having a doctor tell her that she’d be having a double mastectomy right away and that a week after her diagnosis, she wouldn’t have breasts anymore.

But this brave lady handled surgery and chemotherapy admirably and went on to win her cancer battle. Now, 20-some years later Robin is doing well, and is a proud mom of three.

In the following clip, Robin talks about her initial reaction to the diagnosis. Take a look!

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