Breast Cancer At Age 34

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in July of 2012. I found the lump myself, and when I went in for my annual pap smear I asked my doctor to check it out. He said it was probably nothing, but made an appointment to get an ultrasound and mammogram. After spending the good part of the day there, the doctor came in and said they wanted to do a needle biopsy. I had that two days afterward, and was told less than forty-eight hours later that I had breast cancer.
Immediately I wanted it out of my body. I was afraid it would grow before it was removed. I had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders and a mediport put in on August 8. I had thirteen lymph nodes removed, but it had not spread to them. My tumor was found to be Grade III, which is the fastest growing. I started my chemotherapy on September 14. I have had two regimens, each of three weeks apart, and will have to have a total of six.
In all of this I have stayed positive, active, and never once thought I cannot beat this disease. I have a great support system, and have faith that I will live a cancer-free life after all of this.

Heidi Rankin
Ozark, MO

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