Breast Cancer Battle Inspires a Brave Girl

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Sarah Henderson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. The 39-year-old mother of two went through chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy, which ultimately rid her body of the disease. However, in February of 2014, doctors told Henderson that the cancer had not only returned, but spread to her pelvis. She has been given a limited time to live, but this brave mom isn't letting the prognosis stop her from enjoying her family.

Sarah's daughter Jenna has been inspired by her mom's battles and attitude. Since her mom's first diagnosis, Jenna has begun raising money for cancer research. Jenna also watched as her mother's hair fell out. Henderson wore a wig to hide her baldness, and Jenna noticed how it returned her confidence. As a result of the experience, Jenna decided that she wanted to donate her hair to someone else fighting cancer. 

On June 5, Jenna went to the hair salon and watched as the stylist clipped her long locks. The brave 10-year-old is donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a nonprofit organization that makes wigs for children with cancer. 

"She just said that she wanted to make a child battling cancer happy. I just thought it was fantastic. It was just such a wonderful, kind thing to do," Henderson told the source. 

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