Breast Cancer Care Launches Empowering Campaign

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United Kingdom-based charity Breast Cancer Care has launched a marketing campaign with a powerful message, according to MarketingWeek. The black and white posters feature pictures of breast cancer survivors revealing their mastectomy scars, along with a message about their journey. The goal behind the project is to showcase women being confident after surgery.

“The images are meant to be powerful and striking rather than shocking,” Jane Heath, head of communications and marketing at Breast Cancer Care, told the source. “This campaign is about helping people find confidence after a breast cancer diagnosis and so we felt it was important to show women feeling comfortable with their bodies and with themselves and sharing a little of their experience.”

In November 2013, The New York Times ran a story about an Israeli woman who had breast cancer. The accompanying image, which was featured on the front page of the publication, was deemed inappropriate by some people because part of a woman’s breast was visible. However, the story did bring to light the different journeys women face while dealing with breast cancer in another part of the world.

No matter what side you fall on regarding the controversy, it is important to spread breast cancer awareness throughout the entire year, not just in October. Contact local branches of breast cancer organizations to find out what you can do to support patients and survivors of this disease.

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