Breast Cancer Fund Seeks to Eliminate Environmental Causes to the Disease

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There are many different reasons why one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Most people may be familiar with the genetic risk factors but a group seeks to raise awareness for another important cause of the disease. The Breast Cancer Fund works to inform the public about the link between breast cancer and the chemical and radiation risk factors in the environment.

The Breast Cancer Fund hosted a web chat in late February on the “Ecology of Breast Cancer: the Promise of Prevention and the Hope for Healing,” which was led by Dr. Ted Schettler. Additionally, the BCF seeks to inform people about chemicals in household products, food, cosmetics, plastic, and the air and water that may contribute to increased breast cancer risk factors.

The breast cancer organization wants people to explore the biology of this disease and the ways to reduce their risk. The group’s website provides detailed information on the different forms of cancer, from ductile to lobular to in situ (tumor inside the duct walls) to invasive (beyond the walls). The site explains that breast cancer is not a single disease, but a set of diagnostic and prognostic descriptions. Further your knowledge on the various risk factors of breast cancer on the group’s website.

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The Breast Cancer Site is a place where supporters and survivors come together to help fight breast cancer. In addition to sharing personal stories of hope, shopping for the cause, and signing petitions, visitors can take just a moment each day to click on a pink button to provide free mammograms for women in need. Visit The Breast Cancer Site and click today - it's free!
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