Breast Cancer Patient Keeps Hair Through Chemotherapy

Women commonly associate femininity and beauty with their hair, which can make confronting chemotherapy emotionally trying. According to Leavenworth NBC affiliate KSHB, most cancer patients ask about hair loss soon after getting diagnosed with the disease. A majority of women do lose their locks, but not all. Darcy Romondo of Leavenworth, Kansas, has successfully completed all six of her chemotherapy treatments and still has her natural hair.

The key to Romondo's hair maintenance is a Chemo Cold Cap developed by Southwest Technologies. The device looks like a hat or helmet and cools the scalp down to about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, the cap slows blood flow to the head, preventing the powerful chemotherapy drugs from reaching the hair follicles. The cap stays cool using dry ice.

While not yet FDA approved, the Chemo Cold Caps have seen success with the patients who have used them. Romondo is very glad she made the choice to purchase the system, which is a steep cost of $2,400.

"It's self-esteem, it's feeling like yourself, it's confidence," Romondo told the source. "It's walking to the grocery store and not having people stop you and ask you 'What's wrong with you?' or telling their cancer stories. It's feeling like yourself every single day."

Many women don't know about the caps because doctors don't mention the aesthetic device. Until the caps are FDA approved, they'll likely remain on the down low. 

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