Experts Take to the Streets to Answer Questions Real People Have About Breast Cancer

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There are many things that the general public has questions about when it comes to breast cancer. Whether you have breast cancer, know someone who does, or don’t know anyone with breast cancer, chances are there are still a few things you don’t know about it.

But never fear. We may have the answer you’re looking for right here. And who knows? We may even answer a question you didn’t know you wanted to ask.

In this video, professionals take to the streets of London and ask passersby to share their questions about the disease. Some of the things they want to know may just surprise you. Do you know the answers to their questions?

Photo: YouTube/bccampaign

Photo: YouTube/bccampaign

What are the survival rates? Can men get breast cancer? Learn the answers to these questions and more in the video below.

Did we miss something you wanted to learn more about? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments!

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