Breast Cancer Research Study Named Best Paper of the Year

Every year, the Journal of Biological Chemistry selects 22 research papers to recognize. Journal editors offer awards for a variety of categories and they just announced the 2013 winners. Washington State University researchers were recognized for the best signal transduction article for their work studying breast cancer. 

The WSU researchers wrote about the structure produced when two specific proteins bond together. They found that the resulting combination (called HER2) drove the growth of cancer cells. Ron Bose, MD, PhD, senior author and assistant professor of medicine at WSU, noted that understanding the proteins and how they work together is critical for developing future treatment options.

"Most patients with HER2-positive breast cancer respond very well to current therapies because we know how to target HER2," Bose said in a statement. "In fact, since the introduction of drugs such as Herceptin, patients with HER2-positive breast cancer now have one of the best prognoses. But there are still cases when, for reasons that are unclear, women will die from HER2-positive breast cancer. So although we've had a lot of successes, there is still more to learn. And understanding these structures is a step in that direction."

Though the WSU study wasn't the first of its kind, Bose feels that he and his colleagues wrote a comprehensive research paper, which is why they received the award. 

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