Breast Cancer Support Group Teaches the Importance of Self Care

The Breast Cancer Support Group of Southern New Mexico (BCSGSNM) holds a meeting at the end of every month. March's topic of discussion was the importance of self care. Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can take a toll on a woman's body, mind and emotions. Taking care of one's self becomes critical. 

Daubney M. Harper, a professor at New Mexico State University, made this and other points at her presentation for the BCSGSNM. She also led attendees through breathing exercises and strategies for coping with the stress of facing breast cancer. 

"The title of her talk was 'Self-Care, Mindfulness and Meditation,' and she taught us how to relax and relieve tension," Bernadette Valdes, founder of BCSGSNM, told the Las Cruces Sun-News. "The exercise was great for the many attendees who are currently going through their breast cancer treatment."

Valdes founded the group after her and her sister were diagnosed with cancer. Her sister died of ovarian cancer, and Valdes wanted a support group to help her through the struggle of grieving. Valdes was later diagnosed with breast cancer. She formed the BCSGSNM during her treatment and the group still meets regularly. They offer support sessions and host speakers to aid women living with the disease.  

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