One Woman Shares What Caught Her Off Guard About Breast Cancer Treatment

Wendy Hartley is no stranger to surprises. But she probably wishes she were, because not all the surprises she’s encountered in her life have been very pleasant.

Hartley, a Co-Founder of Breast Cancer Answers, has dealt with may unexpected plot twists in her life, including being diagnosed with breast cancer. But it was the surprise side effects of surgery and things no one told her about what her treatment would be like that were the truly shocking and ugly surprises.

Photo: YouTube/Breast Cancer Answers®
Photo: YouTube/Breast Cancer Answers®

After undergoing a successful reconstruction surgery, Wendy wants to help other women have a better idea of some things they might encounter on their breast cancer journey.

In this video, Wendy shares a few of her unpleasant surprises in order to educate and inform other breast cancer patients. Most of them are not uncommon, but you still may not know about them if you haven’t experienced them. Learn more about Wendy’s story below.

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