Breast Cancer Survivor Declares Baldness Beautiful

Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have to go through chemotherapy treatments. The therapy often causes baldness, which can be emotionally trying for the patients. However, Holly Opsommer of Grand Rapids, Michigan, didn't let her hair-free head get her down. According to Grand Rapids ABC affiliate WZZM, Opsommer was diagnosed with breast cacner in early 2013 after finding a lump in her breast.

Opsommer is a mother of two, a special education teacher and a fighter. She continued to work during the duration of her treatments, using the experience to teach the kids with whom she worked. Opsommer wanted to have an open dialog about her disease, and was upfront with her children from the beginning. She also wanted to show them that "bald is beautiful."

Opsommer had a bi-lateral mastectomy in addition to her chemotherapy treatment. She is finished with both procedures and is ready to get on with her life, which will now include raising awareness. Opsommer is a participant of the 13 Friends for Life program, which is supported by Mercy Health and WZZM. The program encourages women to choose a friend for life who they will call annually on May 13 to remind them to perform a breast self-exam.

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