Breast Cancer Survivor Documents Hair Growth in Time-Lapse Video

Breast cancer not only takes a toll on a person's health, those patients have to overcome physical changes to their appearance as well. Losing your hair is one of the most common side-effects of the treatment, yet one breast cancer survivor is using the experience to symbolize her victory. According to the Mirror, South Wales-based hairdresser Annmarie Bowen was diagnosed with the disease at age 21, and now she has created a time-lapse video to document her post-cancer hair growth.

"It's hard to look back at how ill I was and how I was bald," Bowen told the source. "But recording my hair loss and experience with cancer was my way of getting some control back."

For almost a year, Bowen took a daily snapshot of herself, always sporting a smile. The video begins with a photo of Bowen with a full head of brown hair, which was how she looked before she had cancer. In total, there are 150 pictures in the series that began as project to show friends and family members how she was progressing. Additionally, Bowen wanted people to see that breast cancer affects women of all ages, not just mothers and grandmothers.

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