She Chose To Continue Her Pregnancy During Cancer Treatment, And It Changed Her Life Forever

Pamela Cook’s story of beating the odds is one that still resonates today.

The 30-year-old primary school teacher appeared in Australia’s 2011 X-Factor auditions, and shared her incredible story with the audience and judges.

She was 16 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Faced with terminating her pregnancy to give her a better chance of survival or continuing the pregnancy in the face of chemotherapy (and possibly accelerating the growth of the cancer), Pamela chose to have chemo and continue her pregnancy.

Against all odds both she and her baby survived. Her son Zion was delivered 9 weeks early, in October of 2010. She was able to take him home in December, but continued chemo until March.

Then, the day after after she finished her last day of treatment, she was dealt another blow: her fiance left her.

“He waited till my last day of treatment and then he left,” she told The Advertiser. “It’s amicable now, but I was so gutted and so disappointed. The cancer really changed him and I think it was the dose of reality that was too much.”

Pamela had learned over those months that life was short and time was precious. So she decided to pursue her dreams of singing, and auditioned for the X-factor. The determined survivor made it into the Top 6 of her age group.

Watch the video to learn more about this inspirational story, and to hear Pamela sing!

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