Breast Cancer Survivor’s Bones May Benefit from Exercise

According to HealthDay News, a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Institute for Cancer Research took a look at women who just completed breast cancer treatment. Half of the group completed a fitness routine three times a week at an aerobic center. Those who worked out were found to have lower fat mass and better endurance.

“Women who are completing cancer therapy should be getting a strong prescription for health promotion, which includes aerobic-resistance exercise,” M. Tish Knobf, PhD, RN, study author and a professor at the Yale School of Medicine, said in a statement. “Routine exercise improves muscle strength, balance, quality of life, mood, functional ability and cardiovascular status, and may minimize the risk of bone loss.”

High levels of estrogen in someone’s body can contribute to the development of breast cancer. However, as this hormone is reduced, bone density is affected. According to the Hormone Health Network, an X-ray can reveal if you are suffering from bone loss.

Additionally, it’s important for breast cancer survivors to speak with their health care provider about supplements. Calcium is important for bone strength and vitamin D helps the nutrient become absorbed by the body.

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